Friday, April 25, 2008

Woodland adventure report

This is a false morel, a helvella. Poisonous to some though not to all. We err on the side of being cautious and just admire these pretties on the forest floor.
Ah, a morchella hybrida, or half free morel. These are the harbingers of the rest of the morchellas that will come out in a few days. These are tasty though fragile, so I dehydrate these mushrooms for wintertime eating.
This is a dog-tooth violet , also known as a trout lily. I found an entire hillside covered with these beauties. It was hard to walk without stepping on them.
These fragile pretties are called Spring Beauty. If you are so inclined, later in the year you can dig the roots and cook like potatoes. I just admire them.

I know you are where are the rest of the morchellas-the black morels ??? Well, we didn't find any on the day that I joined Rhett and Gus, the dog. Rhett found some , a few days later. I will join him again in the middle of the week to hopefully get a shot of a black morel or more likely the yellow ones that follow . Nights have dropped off into the 30s and this is not good for the hunting season.

I sauteed some of the black morels for dinner a couple of nights. Nothing like them. Did pick some stinging nettles for a couple of evenings dinners. Sauteed with garlic, chili pepper flakes and an anchovie in olive oil. Yum.

Will continue picking nettles this week and look again for ramps. Hopefully the Dutchman's breeches and Jack-in-the-Pulpit will be in bloom. Also the May apples will be blooming soon.
And yes, the ticks are awake and biting in full force. The wild turkeys are strutting their stuff now too.

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coloredsock said...

WOW! i love seeing the mushroom pictures! please post more as you find them. i want to go hunting this year. there are some great places in these mountains where they grow like crazy. you should come hunt with me! do you harvest nettles? plucking leaf by leaf or the entire plant? and do you use a glove? school me, please.