Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Is that you Ed ? "

Last Saturday afternoon I was in the midst of my third day of marathon vegetable garden planting, both seeds and plants. Busily filling plastic jugs with water, I was startled by a homing pigeon that was pecking at one of the jugs within twelve inches from my hand. A rather handsome and tame fellow wearing a blue bracelet. I stopped filling the jugs in order to give the pigeon a drink. Pigeon wouldn't let me hold him but stayed by my side for a bit. Then flew to the peak of Rhett's studio and proceeded to spend the afternoon watching him weld and bang around on the old pickup. Not at all plussed by the loud noises and sparks a flying. Hours later came back over for a drink and a look see at my progress with the garden then back to the peak of the roof . At cocktail hour we sat on the back porch of the house ( just up the hill from the studio, still within view). Pigeon was invited to join us but declined. He instead flew down to the overturned pickup seat that was perched in the pile of junk in the truck bed. Sat there for a long while. It was at this point that Rhett suggested that it was Ed ( the original owner of the pickup , now reincarnated ), come to inspect the resurrection of the Chevy. After a bit, Ed circled the studio and flew off. Thanks for visiting us, Ed.

Sunday evening I finished planting the vegetable garden. Whew.

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coloredsock said...

Ed...hee. what a great name for a pigeon, too! congrats on finishing up your planting! we're still going, but close! we planted up our purple peruvian potatoes today! weeeee! just a coupla more beds to go. xo