Friday, September 12, 2008


Jewelweed. This patch was growing along the back field. I gathered enough to make an infusion . Ate some of the seeds which are like little bullets that explode in your hand from the seed pods. Taste a bit like an English walnut.
Wood nettles. This patch grows just inside the wooded area alongside the old railroad bed ( no tracks , just a wide pathway). Where Rhett had mowed the pathway were foot high new growth nettles. I picked these as I wanted to jump and saute them . Then the nettles ended up on that evenings pizza.

Yellow pear tomatoes. A sorry looking plant but loaded with yellow orbs. I gathered a five gallon bucket full and dehydrated them for winter time eating.
Pears. What variety, I know not. The tree is well on to a hundred years old. It and another wizened scrag of a tree are all that are left from the orchard that stood where our house is now. Gone many decades ago, the orchard. The trees bear every other year and this year they have outdone themselves. Lots of cider to squeeze in the coming month.
A view through wild posies of my favorite field on the farm. Someday I hope to be able to bring this twenty acre field back to a small prairie oasis.

This was how Gus , the dog, and I spent last Sunday afternoon. Gathering in medicinals and food stuffs for the long winter. Warm sunny fall day.

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