Sunday, October 12, 2008

St. Therese of Lisieux,

St. Therese de l'enfant Jesus et du visage saint
born 2 Jan 1873
died 7:20 pm. 30 Sept. 1897
feast day 1 Oct

2007 International Missionary Year
Sister Therese
armchair missionary
her mission
share lessons
of charity,

charity: to love, be kind, and show compassion to all people of the earth

tolerance: to be open-minded, broad-minded, to be sensitive, show no prejudice, to be understanding; to allow the existence of beliefs, practices, or habits different from ones' own, to not be a bigot

grace: mercy, forgiveness, leniency, compassion, good will, manners, thoughtfulness, tact

Each of us can
lead a more graceful life
day to day
on mother earth
by meditating
on the Little Way lessons
of Saint Therese
and becoming
a missionary

'My nature was such that fear made me recoil; with love not only did I advance, I actually flew.'
(pg. 174 Story of a Soul)

St Therese has many lessons to teach us today. Fortunately there are many books about her life and her own words to read and reflect upon. I created my interpretation of her in 2007. My Muneco Santo, holy doll, stands 17 inches tall. All is hand stitched and beaded. Her body is leather with wire armature and her face is beaded with glass seed beads. I spent an entire month researching , reflecting, fabricating my interpretation and writing my words.

Little Way lessons are relevant for us today.

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