Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Demdaco artwork and snowdomes at Missouri Bluffs gallery

Wanted to let everyone know that Missouri Bluffs gallery in Weston , Missouri is carrying Rhett's full line of Santas and three part creche that he designed for Demdaco. The pieces are a cast resin facsimile of Rhett's hand carved wood originals. The phone number at the gallery is 816-640-2770. The line in the Demdaco catalog , which can be viewed on their website, is called Soon Would Be There. You can see all of his designs by using the name of the line or use Rhett Johnson.Santa on the sleigh is 8"x12"x3"
A little boy and girl give cookies and milk to Santa. Dimensions are 9"x9"x5"
The creche comes in three parts ( actually there are four individual based parts but sold as three pieces ). The boy and sheep ( on separate bases) are sold together. Then Joseph, Mary and Jesus are sold as one piece. The shepards are the third piece. Lined up all together , the dimensions are 11"x17"x8".
Rhett has fabricated these snow domes from flat stock. Flat metal and flat plastic which is transformed magically in his studio to this fluted edge case with domed lens. The imagery is from early 1900s which is printed from original artwork. Rhett even makes his own snow. The snow domes come in three sizes and there are a dozen different designs. Missouri Bluffs gallery carries this line.

Missouri Bluffs is celebrating their 25th year anniversary in business. We are going to be in the gallery this Saturday, 6 December 2008 from 4 to 6 pm.

Missouri Bluffs carries Rhett's and my artwork all the time and has for over a decade.

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