Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yummy chai biscuits

Just had to share this delicious recipe with you , dear reader. It came from Our friend's Patrick and Jen's website and blogs. This is the second batch. Yum. First batch I baked a bit longer and they were crisp and perfect dunking biscuits. Second batch I pulled out sooner so that they would be softer. Both ways are delicious. I also played around with the flours , using spelt, barley , and whole wheat.

Now if Patrick and Jen were here to share them with us or better yet, if we were in New Mexico with them.


Anonymous said...

Those look delicious. I'll definitely check out the site. I love all things Chai!

kerin rose said...

I made them too!...substituted walnut oil for the ghee....lovely and delicious..perhaps I shall put em on my blog too, and introduce some folks to Jenny Sue's joyous art!..hope all is well..


coloredsock said...

mmm! thanks kelly! wish you could come for a chai visit today with me and tulsi!