Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Popcorn Bag

Popcorn Bag ( design 55 pattern )
10" tall by 11 and 1/2" wide plus shoulder strap
felted wool hand knitted bag

It is a one hundred and ten mile round trip to Whole Foods. I make this pilgrimage a few times a year, stocking up in the bulk aisle. To make my trip count, I like to visit Yarn Shop & More in old downtown Overland Park, Kansas for inspiration and to pet and purchase the "pretties". Two examples of knitted bags caught my eye. A cotton version and a felted wool one. This bag was covered with knitted bobbles. Immediately I envisioned one of my charms sewn to the center of each bobble. The felted wool bag would be a showcase for my charms. Perhaps it might plant a seed in the imagination of fellow knitters. I bought the design55 Popcorn Bag pattern.

Using Lamb's Pride wool and mohair yarn (mustard and red) and a hand dyed wool yarn from Textiles A Mano (turquoise), I followed the pattern with the exceptions of adding stripes, change of bobble color in one row and length of shoulder strap. I also, after the bag was knitted, went back to beef up each bobble. The turquoise bobbles on mustard row have yarn "rings" round them. Chartreuse and coral. Sewn round each bobble before felting. I hoped this would help these bobbles stand out.

There are twelve bobbles per round therefore there are twelve charms sewn on the bag. I could sew a charm to all the bobbles but that might be overkill. Will meditate on this and see how the bag evolves.

If you are interested in purchasing this pattern, the designer is Carol Eddington. Her email address on the pattern says: . Yarn Shop & More might stil have her pattern for sale too.

If you are interested in purchasing charms, please contact me.

Happy knitting !


kerin rose said...

Kelly! this!.....I made a knit and felt bag from a NONI pattern that had bobbles all over it...I thought all the bobble-ing was gonna kill me! much work!....

I really like the addition of your medallions....

for me, I love the knit and felt work!

Don said...

I'm enjoying your blog!