Friday, February 11, 2011

Rabbits, everyday

Lapi ( rhymes with happy) exhausted by its job painting eggs each spring reclined peacefully in chick's gondola, reflecting on past lives and future possibilities. Perhaps a career in vegetable gardening, though being an empathetic rabbit, perhaps nursing would be a good field with job security. Lapi's Dutch uncle had enjoyed the title patron saint (local only) of wounded hares, looked to in times of distress both mentally and physically. Perhaps Lapi could hop into Uncle's boots. Thankfully, Lapi knew whatever new pathway it hopped down it would be loved.

In honor of the Chinese Year of the Rabbit and since I was born in a year of the rabbit, I decided to create this small collection of everyday rabbits to be enjoyed and worn all year round. The images come in token (charm )size, pendant size and ornament sizes. In these photos the pendants are shown with nickel plated steel bead ball chain. They will all be available with linen ribbon if you so chose instead of chain. I work with vintage images, paint, beads, ephemera and my hands to create the original artwork which is then printed in an archival manner and safely encased in metal cases and acrylic lens created from flat stock, in Rhett's studio.

I will get back to you on where these can be purchased. In the meantime please feel free to leave comments or email me as to where you can find them for sale.


lisa said...

I love the Rabbit walking down the path!

Kelly said...

That one, Lisa, is Dutch uncle. Thanks for your comments.