Friday, February 4, 2011

Year of the Golden Rabbit

Hand sewn and painted , using vintage fabrics, rabbit hand puppet created on the eve of the new rabbit year by a rabbit ( me ).

Year of the Golden Rabbit
began 3 Febrero 2011, ends 22 Janvier 2012
fourth sign of Chinese zodiac
rabbit is symbol of the moon, yin
(whilst peacock is symbol of sun) yang
according to Chinese tradition
a rabbit year should be spent in a restorative manner
bring calmness to your life
breathe deeply
center and focus.

A lucky red envelope
a magic wand of sorts
filled with blessings
red, an auspicious color
to carry red with you
wards off evil
gathers in blessings
red, a lucky color
the color to begin a new year.

I hand each of you in this new rabbit year a red envelope filled with moon dust to sprinkle upon your head. This magical moon dust will have healing and restorative qualities. Carry red with you this year and sprinkle a bit of lucky rabbit moon dust on others in need. Help others breathe deeply.


kerin rose said...

I read somewhere tonight, that the Year of the Rabbit stands for peace.....

peace to you, peace on earth!

Kelly said...

and peace to you as well, Kerin !