Saturday, April 19, 2008

Year of the Rat

Olla, dear reader. Yes, I know that Year of the Rat has commenced and that this is not a timely image. But, I had fun setting up this scenario on the appropriate day using Red Rat and the "spotted spring sisters". I share the diorama with you now. The "sisters" are members of my ever growing tribe of old hand made dolls and animals. Red Rat is from my Intercessor series of figures. He is fabricated from painted leather and is hand sewn and beaded. His limbs are jointed. Rhett, my husband, created the chair and table from rescued bits and pieces of wood found in junk heaps.

My goal through this dialogue is to provide a glimpse into Rhett's and my life, our artwork, and from time-to-time may feel the need to step upon my well-worn soap box to voice concern over issues. "The emperor hasn't any clothes on once again." I promise to keep the soap box sermons concise. Hopefully my comments will cause us all to step away from the tilt-a-whirl ride of life, to reflect, and to take action.

So, (deep breath) this ends my first entry. Surely in a few days I will be able to share an image of a morel mushroom in its natural habitat. Tis the season, according to the calendar. Barn swallows are returning daily from their winter migration. Cricket frogs are singing in the pond. Spring has arrived on this hilltop in Platte County, Missouri.

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