Thursday, May 8, 2008

1947 Pontiac

Rhett has transformed the hoods of many a vintage car into human faces that hang on the wall. A lady saw one in a client's home and inquired if Rhett would be interested in working his magic with her grandparent's 1947 Pontiac which was still sitting on the family farm out in Kansas. Her grandparents , every evening after dinner, had gone out to the car to sit inside where they could speak in their native tongue, German. "Yes, " was Rhett's answer. The car was towed to his studio where we then admired it for a couple of weeks and where Rhett could ponder how best to use the different parts of the car.
A close-up of the front grill.
The finished face. Recognize the grill ? ( now upside down)
A close-up of the details.

In progress on the studio floor.


maura said...

WOW. that is SO SO cool! i love the pictures, too! it's so cool to see that in progress & witness the transformation. what a great story. very cool :)

Kirsty said...

WOW these faces are amazing!!! We had some old wreaks out at the farm but I think Kym has sent them to the scrappys!!!!