Saturday, June 7, 2008

Big Fiy is tap tap tapping.....

Remember dear reader from past posting that Big Fly whispers rights and wrongs to us if we listen. Big Fly is tap tap tapping .

I wrote these words on 4 May, 2008. Today seems an appropriate day to share them with you. Big Brown runs later today.

A Memorial for Eight Belles:

Eight Belles,
a filly,
died for our sins
3 May 2008
( politically correct term)
makes it all nice.

a worshipped drug,
also silently causing
fragility of bones
in human population.

"There are no side effects."
Doctor blatantly lied to me
whilst looking me full in the face.
I knew differently
tore up the prescription.

Eight Belles, a filly,
did not have this choice,
she ran her heart out
and died
whilst humans drank mint juleps
and cared not.

Eight Belles,
a filly,
died for our sins.

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