Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tote Gote

1963 Tote Gote

Never fear, I am still among the living , though I haven't posted in a spell. In the next post you shall see what has taken all of my attention and energy and is still an ongoing process.

But.......Saturday was my birthday and I decided that I would ride the "Gote". Rhett bought two Tote Gotes at a consignment auction the past weekend and spent the week resurrecting this one, a 1963 model. The mini bikes were manufactured in Provo Utah and were mainly used by hunters in the mountains. Rhett has added the metal saddle bag on the back and is continuing to modify the look. After a quick lesson about using the clutch instead of the brakes to slow down, I was off. I had never ridden a mini bike before and I can see how it would be fun to ride around the farm, though it can't go off road into tall grass like my mountain bike.

Stay tuned to read about and see photos on my vegetable garden disaster. Thankfully it is raining today and I don't have to dig weeds in the so called garden.

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Sparklein said...

Happy Birthday, my dear! Hope all is well with you and Rhett...see you soon-Robin M.