Friday, August 22, 2008

Vegetable gardening adventures

Okay, dear reader, I am going to be very brave and show you this image of my "vegetable garden". This is what happens when an art project deadline looms front and center for the entire month of June and I am unable to even glance at the garden. June , here in Platte County, MO, USA was cool and cloudy. Seems this is perfect conditions for vicious farm weeds to prosper. Rhett brought me a few loads of good dirt from down by the barn last fall and this was working into the existing soil from last year's garden. Sleeping soundly in this dirt were the seeds of these evil weeds. So, July came and "Mr. Hopewell" was delivered to his new home at the museum. I was free to dig in the dirt and see what was left vegetable-wise in the so called garden. A few hours a day were spent on the end of a shovel digging patches of weeds and their roots from my garden. Little by little, I was able to uncover feeble rows of vegies. Here you see Lacinato, and if you squint and look carefully to the left, there are carrot fronds sticking up amongst the weeds. To the right are lima beans ( which I am nursing now into new life). Here and there across the garden are stalks of amaranth. Thankfully. It came up volunteer from the row of three varieties that I grew ( successfully, I might add ! ) last year. Amaranth is SO good for you and we have been able to eat the greens all summer. I jump them , in the Italian fashion and saute then in olive oil with garlic and pinch of chipotle ( from Chimayo, NM). Have been freezing the jumped amaranth also for ribollita this winter. Oh, forgot to mention that the garden is 30 feet x 30 feet this year. I have about ten more hours of digging weeds to uncover the entire garden. Carrots survived just fine, all six varieties. Lacinato can be coaxed into a fall crop to freeze for ribollita also.
Rhett weed eated ( not a real word ) our watermelon crop. Cute isn't it. He also managed to chop up the Black-eyed Susan's and lily of the valley and ferns. Then he tells me that he lost his glasses whilst weed eating. Hmmm.
This is our first venture raising potatoes. Two rows of La Ratte fingerlings. Purchased from .

Quite confusing for a first time potato farmer. From dried up plants come over a bushel of tubers such as these. And delicious, I must say. Next year, more rows of other varieties.

Back to digging weeds now. Stay tuned.


TopVeg said...

congratulations! Quite a harvest!

coloredsock said...

ok beautiful, wild cowgirl on the tote gote! i've missed you a huge load! i actually tried to leave this lonnnnng comment about that and your garden and how we just harvested purple peruvian fingerlenes (!) and how cool you look on that gote and so much more, but the bloggger goat under the bridge gobbled it up and it disappeared. arghhh! anyway, i'm so happy you are back as i love reading about your adventures. big hug to you my dear! xojen

coloredsock said...

ps that has got to be the cutest little watermelon baby i've EVER seen. would win a prize at the state fair for sure, at least if it was my state, and i was a judge!