Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cyber tagged continued.....

Okay dear readers, I shall continue the cyber tag from previous post. I am to add 7 folks at the end of my post by leaving their names and links to their blogs.Maura Çluthe, a talented artist that I am honored to call friend. Please check out her website as well as her blog. You can see her blog at . The image above is a close-up of one of her paintings that hangs in my studio. (Maura kind of does live in my neighborhood for real. Yeah. )
Tomie dePaola, another talented artist and dear friend that I wish lived closer. Tomie has a great website and a new blog . Am so excited that Strega Nona has a new pop up book debuting in a day or so ! You can read more about Tomie's adventures at The painting of red horse on watermelon with pears was painted for ME by Tomie. It hangs in my studio. Yeah !!
Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw, yet another talented artist friend that I desperately wish was my next door neighbor. Yes, that is me wearing one of my vintage ensembles. An Odd Fellows coat from the late 1800s. The chapeau is French and I added the painted stuffed cloth eye milagros. I wore this to Jen's book signing at Reading Reptile bookstore in Kansas City earlier this year. AND I am holding her debut children's book My Travelin' Eye. Blue ribbon story and artwork. You can find out more about it on her website. Check out her blog here and be sure to check out her other blog Chai Pilgrimage where you can see her giclee prints. Tea Diva, I am oh so lucky to own. Next I want Ganesha.

My Next person to check out is Rice ( two dots over the e , please) Freeman-Zachery. Yes, yes another talented artist/writer that is a friend and yes, could she be a next door neighbor too? I met Rice ( don't forget the dots ) when she wrote an article about me for Art Doll Quarterly and then she asked me to be a part of her book Living the Creative Life. You can find out about that book on her website. Her blog can be viewed here

Next on my list is a lady who's work I have admired for years. I have not met her but wish she too were a neighbor. ( My pretend neighborhood is filling up ! ) Teesha Moore. I was honored to have some of my artwork in one of her zines. Someday I would like to teach at one of her artist retreats ! Okay, here is her blog

Rebecca Hartman is the next person I want to share with you. She is an herbalist that shares a great deal of knowledge via her blog. I go to her often for information about what is growing in my world and how to use it. I have never met her but again wish she were in my little imaginery neighborhood. Learn much by visiting her blog

Hah, last but NOT least is my "token boy". Chipper Thompson. WOW, To have him in my neighborhood. What a talented musician whom I have met and hung out with off and on through the years. If you are not familiar with his music, get thee to his website now and ORDER cds !!!! Meanwhile, his blog can be viewed here

Whew, I did it. Here are seven people that I want to share with you. Enjoy!

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