Saturday, January 24, 2009

Amen, Amen, Amen !

To quote words from the Benediction from Inauguration day.

I am being brave to show you my Inauguration outfit. No, I did not get to go to Washington, D.C. Sat in my living room in front of the tv ( most tv I have watched in a year ! ) knitting an ORANGE shrug, wept, and rejoiced in the inauguration of our new president. Hallelujah!

So....back to my outfit. Had been planning it for two weeks at least. Love pink and orange together. Am wearing a scarf that I knitted a couple of years ago. I call it my 40 hour meditation since each triangle of color took me an hour to knit. Rolling of eyes is permitted at this point. And my outfit is courtesy of a dear friend, Jeanne. It belonged to her dear friend Nancy. I am guessing the vintage is late 60s or early 70s? The label inside says that it is from Acapulco, Mexico. My two tone pink cowboy boots are Fat Baby by Ariat.

I was pleased to note that Miss Sasha Obama was also wearing pink and orange for the grand event !

Aretha's hat blew me away though. Classy. The deepest curtsy to you dear lady.

Rhett , my photographer and stylist insisted on the holding of all these flags. I was only planning on holding one. And for some reason, he also insists on me standing on this galvanized wash tub turned upside down for photos now.

I will be sharing more images of Nancy's wardrobe hand me downed to me via Jeanne in the near future. And other vintage clothing from my collection. Such fun to wear.

Am very excited about "44".


coloredsock said...

you are TOO cute. I LOVE the outfit, and what a master stylist rhett is. i mean, the flags are so perfect cause, well, i haven't wanted to wave a flag in forever, but things are seem so different now! yay O! can't wait to see more model shots. hee

Ricë said...

i love this photo of you! you're adorable, and orange and pink suit you (one of my favorite color combinations!)