Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's He Building ?

No proper title yet given to me by the artist but it is some kind of a space car, it looks like to me. Rhett has been experimenting with die forming and metal fabrication in his studio these long cold winter days. This first from the 2009 line from Johnson Motors seemed appropriate to introduce to you during the time of the auto show in Detroit. This vehicle is approx. 18 " long and 8" tall. Constructed of steel, copper, and brass. All parts fabricated by Rhett's hands and from his imagination.
Before the space vehicle, came these more traditional airplanes. Two to date. Approximately a bit over 3 feet wingspread and just at 3 feet long. All fabricated by hand again from steel, copper and brass. The first two airplanes were embossed with the owner's names.
A theme song for Rhett in his studio could be What's He Building? by Tom Waits. Look for it on Mule Variations cd. Great song and think of Rhett when you listen to it.

Meanwhile the artist is working on the Johnson Motors line for 2009........stay tuned.

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kerin rose said...

so Kelly, I have to tell you, when I was in art school, guess who was my upstairs neighbor?...Tom himself!..yuh!...It must be so much fun to live w/ someone w/ all these interesting 'goings on' in the studio...cool stuff Rhett!