Saturday, January 3, 2009

Basket of vitamin C

3 January 2009, mid afternoon , 56 degrees fahrenheit, overcast, humid . I was out for a walk and spied red orbs still on the wild rose bushes that grow along the fence rows of the farm. Plucked one and ate it. Still moist and flavorful. Back to the house for a basket and shears. An hour later and I have a basket full of vitamin C. Will carefully snip off each rose hip and lay them all on a cookie sheet to dry in a warm oven. Had no idea that the hips would have survived the sub zero weather of the past month. I will store them in a glass jar to be used for teas as needed. I want to make jelly with some later this year. A great start to the new year of foraging.

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coloredsock said...

dear miss forager, you really inspire me. i gotta start harvesting more what's around me! we have some amazing currant bushes here, too, that i love to eat on walks. hmm. next fall!

your weather is so different than here! it's a blizzard. 3 ft snow drifts but luckily not too cold. thanks for the basket of red color today. and for your comment. xoj