Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Pride of Lions

Wanted to share with you a trio of lions from my collection.This sweetheart which you may recognize from a previous post is pre 1900 mohair, with most of the hair gone, other than the mane. He is lying on a velvet, again with most of the green color gone, pincushion. I purchased him at an antique mall here in town.
This painted wooden lion is a wheeled pull toy. He was created by Iva O'Conner. Eons ago, at an art show in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Rhett was selling his artwork and Iva was set up across from his booth. We spied this lion and then a rat dressed in clothing. Wanting both of them but settling for only one , we watched as Iva sold out her entire collection of painted wooden pull toys. Yeah for her ! This lion keeps me company in the kitchen.

This little grey ? Staffordshire lion I found at a farm auction . I was clerking the auction and it is not good practice to bid on objects if you are working the auction. I asked the auctioneer if I could bid on one piece. This lion. Thankfully, he came home with me. He too keeps me company in the kitchen.

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