Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chocolate mousse in Paris

Sunday was my birthday.
am wearing Nancy's grass hula skirt,
memento from Hawaiian adventure in 1929 or 1932
am wearing a festive chapeau
gift from my aunt when I was three
am wearing a corpirate "beater" tank
skeleton on front.
When Nancy was queried as to celebrating her 80th,
she replied, "chocolate mousse"
"in Paris."
and off she went.
as I sit before Jeanne's bernina
familiarizing myself
I am thankful to have two strong women's
earthly bits and bobs
whispering advice
as I continue
my life's hula.

* I met Kat Ford last Friday. A fresh young talented lady artist . http://www.corpirateusa.com/ is her company.


kerin rose said...

Oh Happy Happy Birthday, Kelly!
What great inspiration you have on your special day, too!

ox kerin

coloredsock said...

oh you always make me smile so much! i love this photo and words. happppppeeee birthday again! btw, you hula quite well!