Monday, August 3, 2009

Farm report

photo taken by Nick Vedros of Kansas City , MO.
Rhett , Kelly, and April the Mealy Amazon parrot sitting on our front porch.

Farm report:

1. most all potatoes ready to dig
la ratte and rose finn apple
not as good a crop as last year
and digging ten days earlier
should have watered more.
2. after unseasonably cool cloudy weather
heirloom tomato plants are covered
with blooms and green fruit, should be ready to
handle a hot dry spell
time to cook and can sauces draws near.
3. lazy housewife beans and kentucky wonder pole beans
continue their ascent heavenward
I lighten the load by picking daily
saute garlic in olive oil
slice washed beans in diagonal one inch pieces
add to pan with two splashes water
cover pan and cook on low til tender.
4. spaghetti squash plants
happiest of all
dark star zucchini
close second.
5. hutterite soup beans and rattlesnake snap beans
weave green webs cross cattle panels
water and wait.
6. plant more carrot seed
7. eggplant
giant easter eggs hanging
roasted on pizza.
8. stay tuned
for report from
other vegetable
varieties and fruit.


kerin rose said...

oh my, it sounds like your farm ABOUNDS!...we have had 21 days of rain out of the last tomatoes, peppers, eggplant...the FOLIAGE on everything is gigantic ( my tomatillos are taller than me, and I am 5' 2") but are not yet bearing fruit!...giant brussels sprout plants, with no BRUSSEL....but a good farmer keeps keepin' on, so I return every day to talk to the plants and cheer them on!..

sounds like you two are having a lovely and productive summer!
ox Kerin

coloredsock said...

you two are awesome! i love seeing you and this picture is going on our 'beloveds wall', aka, the fridge. hee. love to you!