Sunday, September 28, 2008

Continued Restoration

Here is a view of the front of our home with the upper story sheathed now in corrugated galvanized steel. Rhett fabricated "shutters" for the upper windows. The cedar lap siding on the lower story has been protected from weather, so we scrubbed it and applied a clear weather proofing to protect it for a few more years. The shutters on the lower windows came from an old torn down home near another small town in our area. Part of our collection of architectural salvage. Rhett wants to put galvanized shutters on this level too in time. And a better front door.
An early morning shot of the front porch with a new arrangement of Rhett's artwork and the furniture made out of pony horseshoes from Fort Leavenworth, KS. These are antique pieces.

A close up of the shutters Rhett fabricated. He wants to add shutters all round the house but this project will have to wait for rainy indoor studios days. Too much to do right now outside on the farm.

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